Monday, September 8, 2014

New Blog and how to find me (at all times)

New life, new me, the usual growth and magic*:
1. My new BLOG "
Joana Saahirah (Magical) World" is up and running". Go to this link and follow the girl (she won´t disappoint you): 

2. My USA TOUR is almost arriving (New York, Boston, Alaska, Chicago...). For further infos, email me:

3. Another book - nothing less than a Trilogy, three volumes about my Great Egyptian Adventure (auto-biography that looks like fiction and that* says it all or almost...)to be published very soon - it´s all on the publishers´hands right now.

4. Russia and Greece (Festivals with shows, workshops and competitions) right after USA*

5. My PRIVATE ON LINE CLASSES are growing in quality (I´ve limited the number of students accepted in order to be able to breathe and keep all my work agenda neat and on a professional level). So in love with this new bridge/way of teaching* For more infos, email me (

6. Promoting and receiving the feed-back of readers from all over the world regarding my first published book "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond". This book was written with my soul at the tip of my fingers and it´s an honour to see so many people feel it and get wisdom and inspiration from it. To keep yourself updated about contests, goodies and news about the book, go to and LIKE its Facebook Page:

7. BIG news and changes you will know, at the right time, through my new blog and Facebook Fan Page:

8. Feel welcome to join, follow and share my videos on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (performances in Egypt and around the world, workshops, choreographies, interviews, surprises*):

See you all somewhere over the rainbow*********************

Don´t forget to be yourself and respect your own soul and joy - once you love and respect yourself, you´ll do the same with other people.
Love, dance, kiss your fears on the face and move on - life´s only NOW*