Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barcelona Oriental Festival

Thrilled to share the official poster of  the BARCELONA ORIENTAL FESTIVAL, 
happening next November (2,3,4th) in - you guessed! - Barcelona, Spain.

Show, workshops and genuine PASSION for this dance I learnt to call mine.
My personal/professional motto and base of all my work:

Yep, that´s my Job.

Welcome, everyone.

For more infos about the event, please follow the link:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Egypt,Portugal,Spain, England, Israel and many more...

Hope all my fans and Blog followers are having a great Summer! 
Mine has been ALL about writing, writing, writing. Vacations will have to wait, as usual...:)
After a month of deep focus on my BOOK, I´m already preparing for my return to Egypt and then more...
Here are the NEWS I can advance, right now (more on the way):

1. Egypt return (contact me for infos about my shows and private lessons to individuals and groups in Cairo);

2. Workshops and performance in Spain (Barcelona, 2,3,4th November);

3. Workshops and Conference in Portugal (dates to be announced);

4. Workshops and performance in England (LONDON) on the first weekend of December (more places and dates to be announced);

5. A VERY HAPPY gathering of PASSIONATE Artists in Israel. I´m so honored to be TEACHING and PERFORMING at "EILAT FESTIVAL", this January, 2013.

More NEWS and detailed INFOS will follow soon!

P.S. Taking a "Criative Writing Course" this month, while I actually polish my own BOOK final phase of writing. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Women who follow their dreams"

How honored and proud of being part of this WONDERFUL project created by Keti Sherif!
"Women who follow their dreams" is a gathering of real life stories telling about WOMEN who dared to take risks and follow their dreams, no matter how hard that may have been and how many obstacles they would have to face. 
This is what I call my own personal heroes!

A bit of my own life story is there, as well as the story of many other fascinating women who share their LIGHT and FIRE in order to INSPIRE each other to move forward and higher.
I LOVE the concept of UNITING WOMEN´s creativity, hearts and souls. Just LOVE IT.
Follow the LINK, read on and INSPIRE yourself to reach for whatever you dream of.
Amen to THAT!

Here´s the link where you can find the E-Book and download it:

"Dream BIG and take ACTIONS to turn those dreams into REALITY.
 Remember: Each BIG flight starts with a single STEP.:)"
Quote by "myself and I".