Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don´t allow them to define you*

Don´t allow them to define you*

Defining is limiting. Period.
People who hardly knew me have been trying - and failing - to define me, label me, limit me to the shelf they imagine or wish I´d belong and yet I am FREE of all labels, shelve...s and external ghosts.
Who I am today is not who I will be tomorrow - thanks God. That´s called GROWING, MATURING, LIVING and allowing life to shape me the way I wish.
In Egypt I am the "rakkasah" - with all the prejudices that it entails. A star, all right, but a "rakkasah" who eats men for breakfast.
Outside of Egypt I´m the famous "bellydancer" - with all the prejudices it also entails. Known, all right, but still the "belly dancer".
Everywhere I go people have ideas about me which are rarely connected with me. It´s interesting to see how much of themselves they put on my back...
Thanks, world, but I am UN-DEFINABLE. Don´t even try to put me in a cage - my wings are as thick and thin as my soul*
Free. In Love. Everything and Nothing - that I am.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Souvenir from Odessa (Ukraine) and JoanaSaahirah on TWITTER

Ok: mixing up things a little (errr....a lot!): a souvenir from one of my workshops in Odessa, Ukraine;  a message from the angels received ten days ago in Kiev, Ukraine´s (agitated) capital and my presence on TWITTER (never thought I´d see the day...).


1. Check the vídeo (and its second part, also available on Youtube)

2. Follow me on TWITTER @JoanaSaahirah with exclusive posts, vídeos, thoughts and food for the soul PLUS "THE SECRETS OF EGYPT" BOOK CRUMBS. 
3. "May Life give you angel wings for you to fly wherever you dream to go" - told me one of my students in Kiev, Ukraine*, making me breathe deeply within the recognition of Angels´presence everywhere. 

*Following my bliss and inspiring others to do the same.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Joana Saahirah performing at Shisha Party, Odessa Ukraine

A little souvenir from Odessa, Ukraine, where I taught and performed a few months ago.

More recently, the destination was Kiev, also in Ukraine, with the usual warm reception of my work.

Slovenia, Ukraine, Israel, France next (Paris, baby!) - non stop DANCE, OPENING DOORS, GROWING, flying*

Aside from teaching and performing around the world, there´s this new Passion called my PUBLISHED BOOK (first baby known to the public) to promote and cherish plus another book (already written) to publish this year and NEW dreams that are still inside the Secrets´box.

Always taking that* extra step, daring to walk the extra mile. Life´s too short for mediocrity and coward behaviour.

MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN!*********************

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Billie Holiday Pearl* & Flying high...*********************

Still early to talk; still too busy, exhausted, over crowded inside to talk; still too...

Here´s all I can say: courage, talent, persistence and REAL CHARACTER can - indeed - be appreciated by Luck and Life.

Flighing higher and higher; finding new ways of challenging myself and communicating ALL the colourful gardens that reside inside my soul.

Thrilled - with no need for words. Just thrilled (and returned from happy Slovenia*; heading to Ukraine, Israel, France and many other countries).