Monday, July 21, 2014

This took my breath away (Joana Saahirah´s view on TARAB)

First: my heart´s still shaking.
Second: I have to thank my dear and talented Khaled Roshdy for the marvellous editing of this vídeo - no one could have made it better. He understand me and my vision* and he lends me his art with so much generosity, appreciation and God...I´m speechless.

Here´s a vídeo that illustrates what Oriental Dance core is all about; Tarab is the heart of the whole Journey, although very few understand it.

All my work has been based on this vídeo and it´s with great pleasure I will explore it on my LONDON SUMMER WORKSHOP (2nd August).

It´s an honour to delve into this Magic and offer this possibility to other dancers.

Honoured, humbled and grateful for my mission*

For more infos about JOANA SAAHIRAH´S LONDON SUMMER TARAB WORKSHOP, follow the link:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The fear of (our own) Greatness*


Greatness scares most people - other people´s Greatness & above all, their own potencial for Greatness.

They´re not freaked out about the possibility of failure as much as they´re terrified about the possibility of success. Therefore, th...ey envy other people´s gardens; they wish to cut the wings of anyone who dares to fly; they hate the ones who mirror their "what if´s".

The thing is reaching out for your own Greatness - and we´re no clones so everyone has his/her own UNIQUE* path - is scary. I agree. Failure brings compassion from others (everybody loves a good old victim - "misery loves company" kind of thing); success and joy bring responsibility, sacrífices and serious, continuous work and risks. Plus: continuous success and joy will not Grant you a lot of friends (in fact, it grants you an whole lot of dear enemies).

Cry on people´s shoulders 24 hours per day, bad mouth others´achievements and sit on the couch eating a tuna sandwish - that will do for most of us (sad, sad, sad).

One of the blessings of my work (through performing, dancing, choreographing, teaching or writing) is the possibility of waking up people from this collective mediocrity nap. Go; do YOUR work; try; try again; fail, fall, rise once more: BE ALIVE, for God´s sake! When you´re busy following your dreams, you have no time or energy for fear and hate. Choose LIFE - it´s exhausting but it´s worth it.
Moi memme, performing in Samara (Russia).

Friday, July 18, 2014

Joana Saahirah of Cairo in USA - starting with New York (by Morocco!)

What a joy*! My USA TOUR starts with NEW YORK (sponsored by the Incredible Oriental Dance Master - and I mean REAL Master - Morocco (aka Aunt Rocky). Then Boston, Alaska, Chicago and more for the Road. Thrilled & honoured to bring the "Secrets of Egypt" to Uncle Sam´s land.
Workshops, shows, lectures and "The Secrets of Egypt" book launchings with amazing people sharing the same goal and passion: to empower women through this magical dance.
Here´s NEW YORK program!

You simply can't miss *this* seminar - a total of 12 hours (4 three-hour classes) of great learning, dancing, sharing your dance souls with a truly exceptional young woman & dance artist + a concert!:

JOANA SAAHIRAH, who spent 9 years performing daily (often 5-6 hour-long shows a day!) & to great acclaim in Cairo. She was also assistant to the great Mahmoud Reda....

Don't miss this AMAZING opportunity! DON'T DELAY!!!
Dance your heart out & learn at a great seminar. Morocco presents the fabulous

Saturday, September 27, 2014
10:30am-1:30pm &2:30-5:30pm 

10:30-1:30 - The Soul of Modern Oriental style:
Technique & Combinations - breaking down movements & revealing secrets of the streamlined look of today's stars.

2:30-5:30 - Hearing, understanding & dancing to Om Kolsum:
how to ace the true "test" of  an Oriental dance artist.

Sunday, September 28, 2014
11:00am -2:00pm &3:00-6:00pm

11:00-2:00 - Saidi technique & combinations

3:00-6:00 - Milaya Leff & Baladi - flirtatious fun & technique:
how to achieve it easily & smoothly

(1 hr break - pizza & Persian food downstairs or bring lunch)

12 hours of class by an amazing artist with a highly successful 9-
year career in Cairo (& her emotional book about how she did it:
"The Secrets of Egypt: Dance, Life & Beyond" will be available
for purchase at the seminars!)

$90 @ 1 class/ $100 at door (if available);
2 classes: $165 / $180 at door (if available);
3 classes:  $245 / $270 at door (if available);
all 4 classes: $310 / $340 at door (if available) 
***add 3.5% to pay by PayPal

EARLY BIRD - register & pay before July 30
& take over 10% off!!!
$80 @ 1 class;
2 classes: $145;
3 classes:  $220;
all 4 classes: $290!!!
***add 3.5% to pay by PayPal

Classes will be at CAP21 studios
18 West 18th Street
(between 5th & 6th Avenues)
6th floor - Studio 603

Convenient to all subways (14th Street stop, 16th St. exit):
4, 5, 6, Q, N, R, L, F, 2, 3, 1 (18th Street stop), A, C, E

Saturday eve show (The Shop at CAP21)
$20 in advance/ $25 at door

(Limited dance slots in the show open to those taking the seminar. Preference given to those taking both days.)

DO NOT MISS THIS ONCE -IN-A-LIFETIME CHANCE!!! Register NOW! You'll be glad you did!

Out-of-towners: cheap, safe, nearby hotel list on request.

e-mail: to reserve your spot, then either make out a check to *MOROCCO*
& mail it to: MOROCCO
1110 Ocean Ave - fl 2
Private House
Brooklyn, NY 11230
OR pay by PayPal to 
Your spot is certain ONLY when payment is received.

The Soul of Oriental Dance
Joana Saahirah, Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer of Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dances, Actress and Author

After almost a decade of performing in Egypt with her own orchestra - Joana Saahirah has created a style of teaching, choreographing and performing that combines the best of Egypt and the best of  the West: technique, expression and Art.

She has also studied and worked (as a choreography and teaching assistant) to Master Mahmoud Reda from whom she learned his Theater Folklore styles.

Joana's dream & mission is to share the soul of Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore with the world, revealing the true richness and ancient knowledge hidden in this art form. She has been invited to teach and perform all over the world & this will be her first time teaching in New York & the US.

Joana has written several articles for newspapers and magazines (about Egyptian culture, music & dance) & 2 books about The Magic of Egyptian Oriental Dance and her Paths of Discovery in the Land of the Pyramids. One of these books - "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond" has been published this January. Another one - "Diary of Egypt" trilogy-  will be published this Summer.


For a glimpse of Joana´s Dance please check the links:                     

You can find Joana Saahirah of Cairo on her official  Facebook Fan Page:
As well as her first book - "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond" - oficial page:

Space is limited, so register early. I *so* hope to see you there.

Yours in total dance dementia,

New York, NY

Friday, July 11, 2014

Joana Saahirah of Cairo NEW ON LINE CLASSES (finding the best version of yourself through dance)

"Oriental Dance changed my life - I hope it can change yours too."
JoanaSaahirah of Cairo

Joana Saahirah of Cairo is one of the most respected and well known oriental dancers and teachers in the world.
She´s also the author of the book which is inspiring dancers all over the world:
"The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond"

After almost a decade of life and career in Egypt - where she performed with her own orchestra at the country´s best venues -, Joana has been travelling the world to teach, perform and lecture about the treasures of Egyptian Oriental & Folkloric Dances.

Her dance style and teaching method are unique in their contents, purposes and effects. For Joana, Oriental Dance is not just "an exotic dance used for fitness" but an ART, a HEALING tool and a CREATIVE bridge to achieve the best version of ourselves.

 Joana Saahirah has created a series of PRACTICAL and THEORICAL ON LINE CLASSES

(private classes) that fit each student/dancer´s level, needs and goals. Her private lessons are a combination of a settled dance program (that unites the best of East and West), a creative journey of self-discovery and contents that have in consideration the strongest points of each dancer as well as the points where she/he may need to improve.

Difficulty level will be increased according to the classes´rhythm and the student´s plan.

Technique, choreography & cultural context are provided and a varied array of styles is available to the student:

Classical and modern oriental dance;
Baladi extravaganza;
Shaabi crazy mix;
Percussion madness - the art of freedom;
Om Kolthoum special; Abdel Halim Hafez special; Mohamed Abdel Wahab special;
Ghawazy with sagats;

Saiidi - from tahtib to modernity;
Eskandaranie with mellaya;

The styles will be chosen according to the student´s interest as well as her/his technical level.

Body,mind,heart and soul: those are the dimensions of Joana Saahirah´s work (in teaching, performing, choreographing & writing).
Oriental Dance by Joana Saahirah - a truly holistic path towards the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF


***More informations via email:

***Joana Saahirah - from Egypt to the World

***"The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond" book fan page:

*** Joana Saahirah of Cairo Fan Page:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Story of my Life :)

Oh, yeah, baby!*********************
Image courtesy: Elizabetha de Lacanne


Don´t ask me to shut up; to hide behind the cloak of shame or false humiltiy; to pretend I have no brain, no heart, no life (I AM LIFE, you see: more than alive: I AM LIFE).
I speak up; I sing out loud; I occupy, caress and OWN the floor I step in. No fear can catch me by the feet (defeat). I am above the ground and inside the ground: in and out.

Use all that you´ve got, girl! Each one of us is a little ray of light (sun & moon) - not using that light is choosing a precocious death.
BE ALIVE - Be Life* (you already are).


Titles and cathalogs: never been a fan of those.
I am whatever my heart and soul dictate at each second of this blessed life - beyond all shelves & definitions. Notice: defining is a way of killing (a person, a subject, an universe).
Freedom is my surname and BEING (faithful to myself) is my art*

Joana Saahirah of Cairo in Chicago (USA) this October: FULL PROGRAM!

One more city on my upcoming USA TOUR (proud & excited): Chicago!
Organization by Erika Ochoa.
Workshops, show, lecture, "The Secrets of Egypt" book launching: LOVE IT ALL.
Follow the link to access the event´s program (SUBSCRIPTIONS are OPENED):

NEW GROUP dedicated to "The Secrets of Egypt" book by Joana Saahirah*

It´s out there: The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life and Beyond by Joana Saahirah

  Creating beauty, joy and positive things makes life worth living for me.
Excited to open this SACRED SPACE for all of us*
Join and suggest it to friends: everyone who comes with their heart on their hands is WELCOME**********************
Here´s a garden we will use for empowerment, inspirations, creativity and sharing based on the book and all the worlds it opens.
Feel free to ask, suggest, give your opinion, discuss and post goodies you think are connected to the book. This is OUR* space. I truly hope this book - and the messages it takes out in the world - can guide you & inspire you (somehow) towards the best version of yourself.
To add yourself and to be an active part of this Adventure, follow the link: