Monday, July 21, 2014

This took my breath away (Joana Saahirah´s view on TARAB)

First: my heart´s still shaking.
Second: I have to thank my dear and talented Khaled Roshdy for the marvellous editing of this vídeo - no one could have made it better. He understand me and my vision* and he lends me his art with so much generosity, appreciation and God...I´m speechless.

Here´s a vídeo that illustrates what Oriental Dance core is all about; Tarab is the heart of the whole Journey, although very few understand it.

All my work has been based on this vídeo and it´s with great pleasure I will explore it on my LONDON SUMMER WORKSHOP (2nd August).

It´s an honour to delve into this Magic and offer this possibility to other dancers.

Honoured, humbled and grateful for my mission*

For more infos about JOANA SAAHIRAH´S LONDON SUMMER TARAB WORKSHOP, follow the link:

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