Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transformation (letting this blog die and creating a new one)

Me, in a wig; photographed in Egypt by Melad.
 I am a strong believer in the opposite of stagnation: CHANGE it is.

First (out of the blue) question on the table: Is there life after Oxford?!  I spent only three weeks studying in that blessed place ( don´t even dare to repeat the name in fear of casting yet another spell on me) and was caught by its fishing net: a baby fish caught by a whale. The girl can leave Oxford but Oxford doesn´t leave the girl.
Blessed and traumatized by the Writing Course I took at one of the oldest and most fabulous universities in the world and longing for those bridges, doors, green horizons, skies and magical oxygen.

"Real" life (if that exists!) calls me so...trying to land (somehow...).

September will be a DECISIVE month populated with changes, deaths and new births:

1. Preparating for my first USA TOUR and first city (New York) happening;

2. Writing a few stories inspired by Oxford and its characters (yes, I know I´m a freak of nature);

3. Editing volumes II and III of my upcoming book and taking care of the Ist volume publishing. A LOT on my hands!

4. Teaching my PRIVATE LESSONS ON LINE with a selected, amazing group of students who are making me fall in love with this new sharing tool. Then again: change, creativity and expansion are in the order of the day;

5. Saying farewell to this blog (as well as to my Portuguese blog: www.joanamagica.blogspot.com ) and launching a NEW BLOG that reflects who I am today (artist, author, teacher, world traveller, lover and more).

I hope you all join me in this brand new Journey* - higher, more loving, wider, shinier and happier than the previous one. Grateful for the past, the present and the future that unfolds from the warmest spot of my soul. Welcome to join the Party!

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