Monday, February 17, 2014

Joana Saahirah performing at Shisha Party, Odessa Ukraine

A little souvenir from Odessa, Ukraine, where I taught and performed a few months ago.

More recently, the destination was Kiev, also in Ukraine, with the usual warm reception of my work.

Slovenia, Ukraine, Israel, France next (Paris, baby!) - non stop DANCE, OPENING DOORS, GROWING, flying*

Aside from teaching and performing around the world, there´s this new Passion called my PUBLISHED BOOK (first baby known to the public) to promote and cherish plus another book (already written) to publish this year and NEW dreams that are still inside the Secrets´box.

Always taking that* extra step, daring to walk the extra mile. Life´s too short for mediocrity and coward behaviour.

MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN!*********************

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