Monday, May 26, 2014

Following Order(s)

I believe - having learnt from my short yet intensive experience in writing - that books ask to be written; they claim their absolute right to exist and dance inside your head so intensely that you see there´s no way you can keep them yourself. For a question of peace of mind - and internal silence - you MUST write them.
They* know when you should bring them to life - as if they were already existent entities (like spirits) floating in a parallel dimension until the right* time arrived for them to be manifested through the author´s hands.
It´s magical, all right!
My second book is not only asking to be written: it was already writen and now it´s DEMANDING to be polished and published. As a rebel who rarely accepts external authority, I follow its instructions but not without reticence and some dread.
Following Order(s) right now - giving birth to the baby who´s whispering : It´s TIME: It´s NOW.
So be it*********************

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