Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Incredible JOANA SAAHIRAH! Modern saidi+crazy Drum solo!

Souvenirs from Russia ("Spring of Oriental" Festival in Astrakhan)*

Totally improvised - as it always happens when I perform (solo) - and as crazy as they come. Nothing of this is programmed, well thought about, pondered - it´s just (and only) what I FEEL I need to do at each moment. I´m not on this Road to show off my dancing skills and technique - that´s what schools are made for, not the stage; I´m on this Road to RE-CONNECT myself with my soul as well as with other people. We are all ONE means the world to me and my dance reflects it.

Vanity and ego aside plus a passionate nature that brings me equal amounts of troubles and delights - this is me. Take it of leave it; love it or hate it. One thing you can be sure: I´m always REAL, HONEST, RAW, IN LOVE. The moment I´m not one (or more) of those things, I´ll quit dancing.

P.S: there´s nothing more inspiring than the feeling of being appreciated and respected for my talent and work and THAT*s what Russia has always given me. Spasiba Bolshoi, Mother Russia!

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