Saturday, May 24, 2014

"The Secrets of Egypt" book receiving the Love (thanks, dear Sahra C Kent)

My astrologer friends know it quite well: I have a FAST trigger when it comes to thinking and writing (I´m kindly attacked by absolute urgencies to write specific stories, thoughts, books). Furthermore, my Mercúrio (which rules communication) is swimming inside the waters of Cancer (feeling, memories,home) so I am limited and expanded to communicate only what I FEEL and LIVE.
It´s like all communication (may that be in the shape of dancing, choreographing, singing, acting, writing, teaching, whatever) is attached to my heart. If I don´t feel it, I cannot do it. I could easily be scared of such fact if I didn´t know the HEART (to which I am so deeply attached when it comes to communicating my world to others) is the universal filter through which everything of relevance happens.

Having said this, I can only thank Sahra C Kent for the comment she wrote on my book "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond". As she clearly states, it is not* a book review but her own thoughts (and inspiration) born out of her reading. Beneath everything Sahra so elegantly wrote, I can feel the purpose of my book working its magic: it´s beautiful to see how my own Journey (and troubled Path towards success and self-awareness) inspires other people to follow their own dreams and lose the ghosts that stop them from living their best lives.
Everyone has his/her own path and copies will only go as far as...well...copies (and I´m writing this with a slight twisting of my face as if I was smelling something rotten); being yourself is all that Egyptian Dance is about and so is my book and its intention. I truly hope Sahra - and everyone who reads the book - feels empowered by it in a way that they too will chase their most passionate wishes and make them come true.

I can only thank - once more - the energy and time it took Sahra to read the book and publicly talk about it, also hoping this will be a moment of INSPIRED ACTION for her.
As  I often say: there´s great merit/value in ACTION. Not thinking about, not wishing, not dreaming, not la la la land blah blah blah but ACTION. It takes guts and persistent effort to DO things and face our own limitations/imperfections/mortality-humanity.
NOT for sissies.
Life is what we make of it - here´s another one of my Classics. What you´re able to learn and share from each life experience is what will make you interesting as an artist/writer/human being.
Doing it - imperfectly, unsafely, falling and getting up, clumsily talking down at our own insecurities and even crying out loud ("I cannot do this! I´m not good enough to...ah! you fill in the blank...").

Just DO IT. The perfect time or the perfect "you" never arrives. Never.

Here´s what dear (and so elegant) Sahra wrote on my book:

"During my last train ride through the Tyrollean Alps I read a book that was written in a immediate, personal, somewhat experiential way. Her way of writing was a hook, but then I got into the content. It felt like finally someone understood my culture-contact while dancing in Egypt. She went to Cairo to perform at a different time than I did, a much more difficult time. I was transfixed with her story, but when I would put the book down I was flooded with my own, often parallel, memories. Although sick with the flu and a fever since Monday night, I kept writing, her book challenging me to tell the truth. So, here is our next blog: Maybe the title should have been more like: "Our stories and 'The Secrets of Egypt' by Joana Saahirah."


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