Sunday, March 9, 2014

Egyptian Dance in the World (how things are REALLY happening)

Becoming wild, free, HUMAN again - here´s the purpose of my work: here´s the purpose of Egyptian Oriental Dance.
Performing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of my special places for work (and pleasure). Love Buenos Aires!

Here´s the thing: I am a detail kind of person but also, not surprisingly, an "whole picture" kind of person. My Path and Road Map was clear from the beginning : from Portugal to Egypt and from Egypt to the World. It made all the sense when I started this Journey (not more than 12 years ago) and it still makes sense. I had to be born in Portugal in order to carry a soul that accomodates the whole Universe in it; I had to return home (Egypt) in order to fully remember and rescue what I call "The Tail of the Dragon" (the last glimpses of the genuine Egyptian Dance, lately smashed under the fist of ignorance, poverty and pseudo-religious extremism); then I had to share what I remembered/rescued with the world*********************

These three last years of my Life have been a blessing and a real life proof that the Universe loves you when you love it back and live by values of truth, generosity, kindness and integrity. Once I felt my Journey/Cycle was finished in Egypt (I had nothing more to learn or/and achieve over there), the WORLD started to take notice of my work and the travels (for teaching, performing and lecturing)multiplied. Some called it luck!
 Luck is certainly NOT one of the reasons why success comes knocking on my door. Only someone who has no idea of my Journey can even think about "luck" in this equation. But DIVINE JUSTICE, certainly. I paid my dues, including the price for being FREE and SAYING NO to corruption, prostitution, stardom shit delivered on a rotten platter.

From the moment I decided my Egyptian Cycle had to give birth to a bigger, wider STAR, the Universe came on answering, taking me to many countries which have received - with immense love and respect - my Vision of Egyptian Dance.

There´s still a long way to go. Technical level is increasing in most places I´ve been but the ESSENCE of Egyptian Dance is still pretty unknown. This dance is still seen, more or less, as na exotic, acrobatic gymnastic (sometimes worse than this) but the intuition of "something more" is starting to arise and become apparent to my eyes. 

Yes, most dancers still expect ONLY a combination of impressive movements and intricate choreographies but the ENERGY, SOUL and hidden language that sleeps inside them is calling for them louder and louder. Most people may be trapped into a commercial craze that ignores the authentic taste of Egyptian Oriental Dance BUT...BUT many dancers ARE READY for the real thing. More over: they are EAGER for it. The Sacred Language of Oriental Dance - as a tool of REUNITING the lost pieces of the puzzle (inside and around us) - is URGENTLY requested by every single human being I meet. The world is changing - that´s not big news. We are changing too - at least some of us are trying. In that internal change comes the absolute NEED to rise above our own little egos and demons and BE fully* HUMAN once more. We want to return HOME, that place where nothing is needed and PEACE is all there is. That place is INSIDE of OURSELVES and Oriental Dance is a great reminder of it.
My job - in the world - is not done. It´s a work in progress, joined by some of my fellow dancers, teachers and students. Waking up one soul at a time, many many - who knows? The most important thing is to keep doing it all with LOVE and PASSION.

Photo sent by lovely dancer from London, Ayanna. My Book "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond" travelling the world on a map of itself.
Just another way of spreading THE TAIL of the DRAGON message.

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