Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy return to my beloved Andaluzia (Spain)

Working from my heart - as usual. The day I feel no passion for Oriental Dance is the day I´ll stop doing it. Meanwhile: loving every second of it.

Let´s do it!

It´s with excitement and joy that I announce my return to ALMARABE Festival in Malaga, Spain. I was there last year - teaching and performing - and know how great it was. Having the feeling that this year´s edition will be even better.
New Saiidi and "Majancé" choreographies  plus a gorgeous show with LIVE ORCHESTRA with the bónus of having Pablo Picasso´s house and museum (that I know pretty well by now) at my disposal and the warm feeling of returning to one of my many homes (Andaluzia, where I spent part of my childhood).
Thrilled. Thankful, In love (still and always).


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