Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lifting the veil (a little bit more) - "The Secrets of Egypt" BOOK is shinning like the sun

Lifting the veil from my new BOOK The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life and Beyond by Joana Saahirah
Another sneak peak that serves as another way of THANKING all the readers who keep emailing me about their reading experiences. Pride is not enough to express what you make me feel.
"The illusion of absolute control threw the towel on the floor (“TRUCE... I cannot do it on my own...”), while lounging o...n a couch and smoking a pure Cuban cigar: it is in your hands not to quit your dream while you are alive but don´t forget Surrender (self will power lawfully wedded wife): do what´s in your power to do but be prepared to face, manage, go around and even kick the ass of every turn Life has already written in your Destiny´s Book. We will – hopefully – make a good team: me and my husband. Then she added (covered in snow and an open, silent smile): that voice within you will let you know when a decision is yours or not; when there is an avoidable or essential disaster to travel through and digest. Now, my baby girl (on the verge of becoming a Woman), you may cry as much as you wish without shame or fear: cry, cry, cry! Then get yourself up and grab Life by its horns with a hand, letting the other one free to feel the wind pass by and take you exactly where you are supposed to go.
Doing and flowing; questioning and accepting; Music and Silence:
the Sacred Dance of Life*.
And so I did. I do. In Dance as in Life."

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