Sunday, March 2, 2014

Paris (the world inside my heart)

I cannot do something for the sake of just doing it - because others expect me to. Like talent - it´s a burden and a gift: I can only do what´s in my heart. This is one of the reasons why you, dear blog reader, have not heard from me for a long time. I´ve not updated my blogs for a while due to constant travelling (for work) as well as a lack of words (strange thing...).

This is a time of Revolutions - no doubt. Outside and inside me - one reflecting the other. Not good, not bad - just Life taking place and space in me.

Several trips around the world and the honour/gratitude to share my Vision* of Oriental Dance with so many dancers, audiences, students. In a row: Slovenia, Ukraine, Israel and France took me in offering some of the best moments of my life - the moments you will not see on photos or vídeos. Irony of all ironies: it´s in the silence that the best words reside; it´s in the invisible that the best life breathes.

The smell of the applauses (yes, they have a smell) and the sound of the looks I have received from hundreds of people in these last few weeks cannot - probably should not - be translated into words - here´s part of the reason why you have me so absent from my blogs.

From all the wonderful souvenirs I am carrying in my emotional luggage stands a lady - in Kiev, Ukraine - who hugged me, told me some pretty amazing things about my work and then looked me in the eyes and wished that I always have large angel wings that allow me to fly wherever I wish to go. THAT* was something I will never forget - not her words, you see, but the look and feeling she offered me when those words were coming out of her mouth.
Another event that astonished me was the visit to the famous Notre-Dame catedral in Paris. As soon as I stepped inside that magnificente monument, I listened to a myriad of voices, angels and demons alike (no, I´m not clinically insane...yet!) and, somehow, the combination of darkness and light made perfect sense, the kind of balance many sages have spoken of since forever. I was raised to believe we MUST eliminate and deny evilness but that makes no sense - and life´s here to prove it. Everything exists out of two poles: positive and negative; sun and moon; light and darkness. It is the balance between both sides of the coin that sustains the Universe. This was absolutely clear when I heard that unexpected orchestra of angels and demons inside Notre-Dame. Oprah would call it an AH AH moment.
Life´s a school.

I promise to tell more about these last events.

For now, only my favourite song of Edith Piaf and yet another GRATITUDE note to all the sponsors, organizers, students, dancers and audiences who keep believing in me, in my vision and purpose. Love you and thank you all from my heart. No dream could be accomplished without your support.

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