Friday, March 28, 2014

La douleur exquise (the eternal terror/blessing of the stage)

The blessing & terror of the backstage - before starting a show. The more you know, the more terrified you feel; the more experienced and secure of yourself, the more terrified; the more people love your work (and expect the best from you),... the more terrified.
It doesn´t get easier with time because your own standards and demands keep growing as well as your audiences´expectations.
One of my common questions/freaking out talk before a show (thrown at anybody who passes me by, no matter who):
-Hi! The show is about to start. Do you want to run away with me? I saw a very nice bar/restaurante/zoo/you name it around the corner...we can vanish and hang out over there. Nobody will notice, I´m sure.

 P.S.: I am an Actress so you´re not supposed to read all this terror on these photos.
P.S.2: Why, oh why, was I born an Artist? Life could be so simple...

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