Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exposing my intimacy in my BOOK "The Secrets of Egypt" - (polemic) issue*

"At once I was orgasmic (pure Water that poured directly from Venus mouth) and lived/danced as such: no shadow of a mask, no mediocrity so often mistaken by pride: no ambitions on stage: only LOVE, so human that it revealed itself Divine* (tenderly showing me the faceless face of God). Oriental Dance could, at last, truly happen."
A little (and light :/ ) piece of my Book "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond (a journey of death and rebirth in the country of the Pyramids)
I haven´t realized this could disturb some people until I started hearing it directly from the lion´s mouth: I DO expose parts of my intimate life in my newly published book
"The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond".
 Writing - as dancing- is a direct (UN-censored) expression of my soul so I will tell whatever I feel it´s important to clearly and efectively communicate an idea, message, important information.
I expose my intimacy (to a certain extent) when I dance, when I choreograph or perform; I even expose it when I teach. Being open, shameless about my own heart, sexuality and life is part of the ORIENTAL DANCE Magic* (as I see it).
It´s not a question of a marketing smart ass move; I have never used nudity, porno flick inspired acts or other idiotic (profitable!) techniques to promote my work. That´s NOT my point. My point is OPENING my heart and using what´s NECESSARY of my life in order to better express a relevant information to the world. THAT* is something I do in this book. The fact that it makes some readers feel shy it´s endearing and surprising. :)
I´m learning a lot about myself and other people through this magical book. It´s a fact: the book is not finished when the author is done with the "writing". No, ladies & gentlemen: the book keeps growing, changing and surprising (readers and author alike) after it´s written and published.
Life: thank you for the constant learning curves.

To buy the - apparently polemic - book you can go directly to:

Upps! LOL. Sense of humor is a precious survival tool. ;)

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