Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Fire is here*

Aries New Moon has kicked off BRILLIANTLY and it´s announcing, for me, the oficial beginning of Spring (rebirth from all types of deaths).
Using this New Fresh Fire for the POSITIVE - creating, stepping forward, dreaming and making it all happen.

Smiling and opening my arms to ALL new possibilities, victories, joys, LOVE, passions, realizations. Life is only - and always - NOW.
Teaching, performing and lecturing around the world is JUST part of the Dream already come true; publishing my first book "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond" is also JUST a part of the dream made into reality; the arrival o my new book (oh yeah: I am a freak of nature...never said I wasn´t!:) is JUST a part of the whole Destination - there´s more, MUCH more over here.
GRATEFUL, PASSIONATE and ALIVE**********************

Note to the self: don´t forget to breathe* and rest. I often forget both in the midst of all my passions and constant movement.

At the TOP of my WISH LIST* - of course.

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