Monday, January 20, 2014

Brand new kind of Love*********************

No one told me it would be like this*: what a FEELING!
Grabbing my own book for the first time, opening it, feeling the texture and smell of the pages and the whole passion that I put into it is amazing. What a sweet irony that I´m at the lack of words to describe my own book.
I know I am suspect to say it but it´s TRUE: the book is gorgeous: the cover and back cover, the inside illustrations I did with my own hands, the text personalized graphism: everything looks and feels beyond GORGEOUS.
Man, oh man. I´ve never felt this proud of myself.
Thank you, God!

Kenzy - one of my angels - getting a taste of the Book*.

The baby sitting on my pc. Proud mummy I am.

Inside illustration (done by the author*:)

Me - or my Avatar - going completely nuts over the BOOK*.

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