Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Video Teaser: "The Secrets of Egypt" (Book by Joana Saahirah)

Always learning - indeed. Now I know that a book is not finished when its author finishes writing it. There are so many wonderful and challenging stages to the whole BOOK event - I had no idea!

This is how this Adventure is happening to me (I don´t know if these stages apply to every author/writer):

1. The FLAME* was born in my heard - an internal CALL (not rational) urged me to write the book;

2. First editing/revision phase (what I now call "the essencial pain in the ass" phase). I polish the book, cut the accessoire, correct any mistakes that may have slipped and define a structure for the book;

3. Second (or third) revision/edition: this is what I now call the "ROYAL pain in the ass" and I do believe it´s the phase that requires more courage and clarity. This is when you TAKE the DECISIONS - final decisions! - that will make* the book. The weight of responsibility is huge by this time because you know that now there´s no turning back and everything you DECIDE to leave on each page is definitive.

4. Publishing the book - oh! What an Battle...don´t even let me go there;

5. Taking care of all the aspects that you never thought you would focus on: graphic design, cover and back cover, size of letters, type of word, price of the book, marketing plan, etc;

6. Starting to promote the book once it´s published and on sale;

7. Getting ready to receive the feed-back from readers; journalists; book critics, etc. Each person who will read the book will add something unique to it (can´t wait to hear all your comments!).

It´s more than official: I´m in LOVE with my own book. I know it sounds egocentric and cheesy but it´s true*. I hope you´ll feel the same when you read it.

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