Saturday, January 4, 2014

The hidden part of the iceberg* (what no one gets to see) & January Magic*

January 2014 starts with an URGENCY. I´ve always lived fast and intensely not out of choice but out of character and an almost painful awareness of Life´s value. Yet NOW there is a new kind of URGENCY I cannot explain. As Life has already taught me: not everything MUST be understood; some things should be experienced and left where they belong: the MYSTERY realm.
I don´t know WHY I have to do, go, speak, express, dance, write, sing, act, TAKE THAT STEP but there´s a magical pull that makes me DO IT. Period. I´ve lost a lot of illusions along the way and one of them is the supremacy of what we decide to call LOGIC (not appliable in the same way to all of us).
This 2014 opening will be full of work, diligence, focus and COURAGE. My first world tour of 2014 is starting by the end of January and there´s MUCH to be done.
My new BOOK - "The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond" is totally on the hands of the publisher so I put it behind my back for now (until it´s out there for sale all over the world); a new book (already written and edited) must be rescued* and taken care of (another one to publish this year); new choreographies to teach and shows to prepare (to be presented in several countries) must be addressed with my usual quality* demand; new projects (still secret*) on the horizon to be watered, taken care of, warmed up, brought to light; the idea and desire to write a FICTION BOOK is running around inside my heart´s head and I just know it won´t leave me alone until I make it happen and SO MUCH MORE on my plate...
I know for a FACT 2014 will be THE YEAR - MY HEAR - so far. Don´t ask why. I just KNOW IT* (hoping you know/feel the same).
Meanwhile, I leave you with some images that cover what I call the hidden part of the iceberg (those moments the public never gets to see although they are the food for my soul and the base of my work/life). Enjoy and MAKE yourself a FABULOUS 2014.
Me and my friend Mohamed El Sayed on one of our usual home made "baladi" sessions. This one happened at his place on the in-famous Mohamed Ali street (Cairo), once the centre of the Entertainment business in the city. I rarely dance outsider my professional obligations and feel extremely shy to expose myself without of a proper stage so these sessions were absolute rarities for me and also a safe space of frienship, sharing and pure love for the Dance*.

At the beach in Portugal. I love the sea, the sand, everything connected with nature. It feeds me, balances me, keeps me grounded and sane. Stepping on the sand - barefoot - or on the grass of our family house is a LUXURY that brings back all hope and strength eventually lost on the road(s).

Me and my niece Alice (in Wonderland). No words. Just LOVE*. Enough said.

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