Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Very peculiar (and on the spot) definitions of TARAB*:

Ahhhhh.....just listen*

Everything you can imagine is possible; everything you imagine it´s already on the way to you.
 Imagination is CREATION and FLIGHT. So fly...

Deliver; surrender; drunken with the music; egoless state that is bursting with LOVE and PASSION; dying for the past and being REBORN in the present - PRESENT=GIFT - at every single moment.
Letting go and finding yourself at the bottom of that cliff. JUMP, baby, JUMP!

Tarab - the Sacred trip towards the Divinity within you (and in other people, your mirrors)

...oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................

No comments required.

No; dancing is not following the music or translating. Dancing is BEING the music, inside it, above it and beneath it. You and the music = ONE*

Like making love to the man of your dreams (the one who loves you back with the same depth, truth, intensity and colours) = TARAB.

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