Thursday, January 23, 2014

Joana Saahirah in Paris (show and workshops) this February!

Voulez vous danser avec moi?
Paris, here I come!
Cairo By Night Festival this February- show and workshops in the city of Love plus some extra time to enjoy the city.
I just want to sit at a cosy Parisian coffee shop with a cup of sizzling coffee on my hands and watch Life go by for a little while...

Show at the magnificent "LA CIGALE". Preparing some VERY naughty - and out of the box - work for one of the most magical cities on planet earth. Rocking DA HOUSE, nothing less than that.
New me in Paris = YES!

La, la, la, ladida, la, la...

Light, love, passion, excitement, dreams come true - I´ll stand for nothing less than ALL that.

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