Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy return to Andalucia this March and the TERROR of SUCCESS!

The excitement is visible in my eyes - as well as the weight of the responsibility. I guess I can now perfectly understand why we so often boycott our own success and happiness: it´s easier - safer - to be in the gutter and have no one expecting GREAT things from you. It´s way more difficult - and highly unconfortable - to be UP and have a growing number of people expecting nothing but (beyond) the best from you. It requires WORK, COMMITMENT, PERSISTENT effort and self-confidence as well as a permanent thirst for SURPASSING yourself at every single challenge. I did great today, didn´t I? Well...tomorrow I´ll do even better. Man! This is hard work on a daily basis. Who would want that, right?! And still we all "think" (just think*) we wish to be SUCCESSFUL. Here´s one of our very common - and ironic - illusions.

I´m heading to Malaga (home of my Pablito Picasso) once more to teach and perform at this FANTASTIC FESTIVAL organized by Esalim. If last year was already superbly organized and attended, imagine how this year will be.
From my side there will be nothing less than MY BEST - my absolute BEST. Without growth and passion for what I do it´s impossible to move forward (and, by GOD!, I AM MOVING FORWARD AND UP).

Surprises over here - no one will see it coming. (Almost) NO ONE. :)


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