Friday, January 10, 2014

"Let disaster define you" (into the BEST of yourself)

Dedicated to all the WONDER WOMEN (and MEN) who keep choosing to be the BEST of themselves despite everything.

Here´s a little note I wrote this morning on the Fb:

 "Don´t let them define who you are" - I heard several times when people spoke about being victims of personal tragedies and injustice.

I prefer to say: LET THEM DEFINE who you are but not in the way they* want.
Every injustice, violence, offense and deceit I´ve been a target of (not a victim - A TARGET) have shaped me into what I wish to be.
When people - out of their own weaknesses - offended me they made my sense of pride stronger;
When people disrespected me - and my PROFESSION - they only made me respect myself and my craft more.
When people were unfair and deceitful towards me they made me appreciate justice and honesty even more.
When people were violent to me and humiliated me - simply because I am a Woman and a Dancer who will NOT bend my back towards oppression - I became more dignified and compassionate towards all the human beings who´ve gone through these experiences throughout our world History.
When people tried to turn me into a slave they´ve only made me absolutely FREE.
When people told me I was worth nothing I made the DECISION of believing the exact opposite: I am worth everything.
One of the assholes - now a photographer who lives off dancers whom he uses, despises and offends on their backs - who beat me, disrespected me and tried to kill me once told me: "you´re not a´re a savage...I´ve never seen anyone like you..." This was perhaps the best service anyone could ever offer me. Thank you, asshole, from my heart. Although such comment came from a place of anger and frustration for the impossibility to turn me into a slave/his shadow and its intention was to put me down the truth is that it only LIFTED me UP into hights only I could predict.

So, YES, let them define who you are - who YOU want to be. Instead of not letting them define you,  do the opposite: use their attack as your propeller and use their evilness in your favour. The worst thing that can happen to someone who wants to put you down is to tsee you shinning, successful, loving and loved, happy and ALIVE!
The ones that hurts us are usually the ones who can helps us take the leap and FLY.

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