Saturday, January 25, 2014

World Tour starting now (blessed, grateful and excited)*********************

Trying my best to handle many boats at the same time*. My day seems to have the same 24 hours as everybody else´s day (go figure!) and I haven´t managed to multiply myself into several Joanas with whom I can slipt the jobs so...chop-chop (my most recent mantra).
Focusing on priorities (the public and the private ones;).
My first 2014 World Tour is starting now so there´s a lot of shows and workshops to offer; my new book´s promotion is just starting to flow and I´m on it with my heart and soul; the last revision of my "other" book is also on my current TO DO (now!!!) list - yep: another baby on the way...a BOMBASTIC one; a new course (4 months of very special classes in Portugal are about to begin); a novel asking to be written (yes: I´m absurd; yes: I´m crazy; yes: I´m so blessed...:); NEW projects which are still in the secret Goddesses´box (you´ll hear about them at the right time).
Meanwhile: I challenge you to participate in the THE SECRETS of EGYPT BOOK CONTEST and wish you have a fabulous time (until we "meet" again).
My first baby - shinning around the world.

Dancing and teaching around the World: YEAH, BABY!**********************

Sorry, folks, but I couldn´t resist. Jude Law is still* my dirtiest (I mean wonderful...upps!), irresistible wish for 2014.

Always GROWING; always flying higher; always LEARNING and becoming who I am - every day, a little bit closer to the Truth.

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