Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Proud of my (baby) Women* - Jennie Marshall´s gorgeous new blog

I am immensely proud of the dancers I teach and very blessed to notice how I´m surrounded by so many  FANTASTIC ladies. Here´s one of them: my dear Jennie Marshall (one of the special dancers who took part in my LONDON MASTER CLASSES).
Her new blog doesn´t only excites me but it brings me pride. The whole point - for me - about teaching Oriental Dance is to guide people in the direction of their BEST SELVES in a state of love, self-respect and full blast creativity. Teaching Oriental Dance without being able to EMPOWER people is no much more than a bag of rotten potatoes.
Dear Jennie, you have a follower for you gorgeous blog and I hope this is just one of the many outlets you will use to SHINE during this FABULOUS 2014.
Dear readers, follow the link:
And a quote (tenderly taken from my own mouth) from the blog:
"Each person/artist has her/his own Path, you see?
Aiming at following ME and MY PATH is nothing but chasing the shadow of someone else who is NOT YOU.
I work against myself - that I do. I teach dancers so that they can be auto-suficient and need me the least possible. I want them to SHINE on their own light instead of trying to dance on my skirt´s borderlines.
BE YOURSELVES for God´s sake. Here´s the difference between a minor teacher and a MASTER TEACHER: the first will teach you just enough to make him/her look good; the second will awaken those doors inside of you that will allow you to shine on your own right."

Joana Saahirah

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