Saturday, June 30, 2012

For the sake of mental sanity.

For the sake of mental sanity, I MUST disconnect from the current political events in Egypt.
 It is too depressing to see the Revolution we all dreamt about being shamelessly stolen by both Military and Muslim Brotherhood. 
Some criticize me for speaking my mind of the subject under the pretext that "you are not egyptian, how come do you criticize our country?!". Xenophobe and stupid comment as I am more egyptian than many egyptians I know and I´ve won the right to be taken that way by honestly working and living in this country for six years where all I did was struggle for the dignifying of EGYPTIAN DANCE.

 I work here, dear compatriots, I pay my taxes as any egyptian (actually, as a foreigner I pay 4 times more taxes than egyptians!) and I contribute for the promotion and respect of Egyptian music and dance, something most egyptians do not do. 
Sure I criticize and go against the system that is now being kept by the elected president and the background dogs of the Army. Sure I cannot adapt myself to Ignorance, the so called "religious" extremism, prejudices, corruption, lies, exploitation, disrespect towards women, dancers, Human Beings in general. 
Criticizing does not mean NOT LOVING. Ignoring means NOT LOVING. And I DO LOVE EGYPT, although I deeply feel that the country I fell in love with is DYING at a scary pace. 
Busy as I am right now, it will be convenient to remain as much detached as possible from all the madness around me. Hoping things will turn around, as if by a truly RELIGIOUS, miracle

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