Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the road again...choreographing challenges.

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt." Oh, really?!
So I must be some kind of wonderful because all I have is DOUBTS, specially when choreographing a NEW PIECE for my upcoming 

The Workshop is on the 9th July from 12.30h till 14.30h and it is breaking my head, heart and soul into a thousand pieces. Choreographing to TEACH is a very special challenge for me, specially when I am my own worst critic and I always expect something EXCITING from myself. No other critics can be as harsh as I am with myself. 

I ll be teaching an iconic music of the Egyptian Oriental Dance repertoire, you see..."SET IL HOSN" was composed by a genius for Nagwa Fouad, one of the names that made HISTORY in this dance´s path.
Building a choreography that is both artistically and pedagogically interesting AND something of my own taste is not an easy task. 
I knock on Inspiration´s door and she refuses to open itself until the "right" mood and moment arrive. Until then, I am a nerve rack, I search for movements in the wind, people´s walk in the Cairo streets, animals and plants. I search, search, search and very rarely feel satisfied with the solutions found. A mix of pleasure and torture, as everything else in Art (I guess)...

Sometimes, I get like this (see image bellow:)

 And I always relate to my own image on the mirror, while choreographing, like this (see image bellow):
Hope all the fuss is worth it. It usually is!

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