Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Addictions.

*Evian water;

* "Cappuccino" flavored with caramel and ginger;

*Salads with olive oil;

*Flip-flops or "sheb sheb" (in egyptian);

*Loose indian trousers that are fresh and make me look like a huge bag of potatoes bringing "some kind of protection" on the sexual harassment subject. 

*Steam room where I sing Billie Holiday songs, then a cold shower, both after training at the gym;

*Campus magazine, the only egyptian magazine I truly enjoy reading. Intelligence with sense of humor, depth and variety of themes (not the typical "how to conquer him in five days") and a COURAGEOUS approach to the current political situation in Egypt. 

*Current reading addiction: Anna Karenina, a world classic written by Tolstoy. Is it in the writing style, the characters, the theme, the structure of the novel, the, the, the?! I don´t know. All I know is this fat, delicious book got me addicted to it as monkeys are addicted to bananas.

***Common place : DANCE. Yeah, sure. Teaching, choreographing, performing. All of it and then some more...trying to go beyond myself or the stuff I could do yesterday. Competing with myself is a hell of a ride!

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