Friday, June 29, 2012

Post - "almost" Revolution weirdos.

This frustrated "almost" Egyptian Revolution has brought some interesting characters to life. It is not only the current Muslim Brotherhood President (Morsy) and his wife (whose image of veiled/good egyptian mother/wife/devout is being used as a very powerful and sneaky political marketing tool). Not even the old dogs from Mubarak and the whole Military system that is ACTUALLY ruling the country as if Egyptian Revolution didn´t happen (indeed, it DID NOT). 

There are a few AWAKENED minds in Egypt but a LOT more weirdos too. With the religious extremism rising to POWER, the "hidden" mental retards who considered Islam the only salvation for Egypt also spread like mushrooms. Dangerous, poisonous, smelly mushrooms who point the finger at women who do not veil or hide at home and totally REJECT THE INTELLIGENT QUESTIONING OF FACTS that is a huge and essential part of DEMOCRACY. 

Egypt was not ready for Democracy, that is true. To CONSCIOUSLY vote, you need an education and a civilian awareness that the major part of egyptian population does not possess. An whole mentality still rooted in the MASTER-SERVANT basis is still ON, turning most egyptians into easy preys for smart thieves of the past and smart new thieves.

It shocks me the most when FREEDOM of EXPRESSION - probably one the few things GAINED because of this Revolution attempt - is also being counteracted by common, old and young egyptians who are not ready to let go of their prejudices and frozen brains in order to GROW from Medieval times into Modernity. 
Everybody is claiming for an ISLAMIC Egypt as if this country could be defined by a single religion. First of all, Egypt was not always Islamic. This religion was brought by the Arabs, dear compatriots. STUDY the HISTORY of your own country and you will see that Egypt is BIGGER than any power system, may it be Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew or whatever. 
Secondly, what about the EGYPTIANS who are NOT Muslims?! Are they less egyptian than muslims? How will they feel once they see this country shaped according to the islamic "shariaa", a group of rules and legislation they don´t recognize as theirs. What about the DEMOCRACY itself, the VALUE this Revolution attempt stood for? DEMOCRACY means Power of the People. Not Muslim people. Just PEOPLE. What it´s happening to Egypt is a fast ride to THEOCRACY (THEO= God , CRACIA= Power), NOT a Democracy.
Again and again I affirm: I have nothing against Muslim or any other religions. I see HUMAN BEINGS, not religions that divide us though meaningless labels. I am against USING RELIGION TO DOMINATE, BRAIN WASH, EXPLOIT, HURT, ELIMINATE PEOPLE AND THEIR SPIRIT THAT WAS BORN FREE TO FEEL, THINK, DECIDE FOR ITSELF. 
Instead of FREE MINDS that can NOW (???) think for themselves, I see the common egyptian claiming for  new MASTERS to make them servants. Prisoners asking their jailer to lock them up once more in the name of a Religion. As a person with a brain that is working (until now, that is!), I CANNOT agree with this.
This world is fascinating and, so very often, scary. 
Will Egypt WAKE UP on time or are we headed for Dark Ages, worse and more painful than the previous ones?! 

Final message I am leaving for the masses (to be applied at my home, work, inner circle, Life):

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