Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes, they do.

They take us all for fools, dear Brigitte Bardot. You´re not the only one who feels like that. It was announced that Egypt has a Muslim Brotherhood president (kindly supported by the so "democratic" United States and Israel, two very dear friends - the backstabbing kind, though - of this country). They announced it and I believed it because this is the direction most common egyptians are taking. 
The thing is the OLD MILITARY dogs are in power, although they pretend to have been defeated with dignity and fair game. The OLD "bashas" who exploited people are STILL there, the businessmen who owed favours to Mubarak and his family&friends are STILL there. You ripped off the head of the monster but its billion arms are alive, probably more than ever.

I imagine the anger of families who lost their sons and daughters during and after the Revolution, the struggle for survival of so many families who depend on tourism to survive (the post-Revolution period has represented an economical crisis in the country, specially for those who are directly connected with tourism and foreign  investments). The frustration of those who BELIEVED they could smash a CORRUPTED gang that is built from decades and decades (it existed before Mubarak) of  big power house exploitation, theft, dictatorship. 

Since the last king of Egypt was put down, this country became a MILITARY ruled country. Three presidential generations of military men who shaped this country into the mad hole it is today. They - and everybody who depends on them to keep their fortunes flowing - would not allow a TRUE EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION to FLOURISH. Back to utopia, back to  reality. Cold, bitter, unfair. They say this is the world and there´s nothing to do about it. 

I wonder if they´re right...

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