Saturday, June 23, 2012

Salamat Masr Festival in Cairo. Welcome, world!

Join the Wonder team of SALAMAT MASR FESTIVAL!
It will be unforgettable...............
Here´s the update of my upcoming WORKSHOP, exclusively at SALAMAT MASR, as well as my show with my men (orchestra). A time to SHARE the Magic of the true ORIENTAL DANCE.
Welcome, everyone!!!*

UPDATE on my WORKSHOP´s DATE: I will be teaching Sunday, the 8th July from 12.30h till 2.30h 

After me will come Mona el Saied (what an honor to be followed by this* AMAZING icon of Oriental Dance) and guess where I will be at that time?! Can´t wait to teach and can´t wait to study with some of the most interesting people in this Art.

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