Monday, June 25, 2012

Mourning, death and rebirth...

My new "summer look" for Cairo, according to the current fashion. Hands and part of my arms are still showing - as well as the so devilishly seductive eyes of a woman- but let s not rush things too much, shall we? One thing at a time. 

  • From the quietness of my Cairo home window I sit still, surrounded by my angels (Sweety and Kenzy) and some birds that stare at me from outside. Working on my book after an early morning lovely class taught to a talented dancer. Not that I am in the mood for writing my book now but, suddenly, it became more URGENT and ESSENTIAL than EVER to write it, finish it *(as if any book is ever finished) ... and publish it. Desperately, I try to rescue what' s left of "MY EGYPT", that country where people were open minded and OPEN HEARTED, CIVILIZED, lovers of CELEBRATION and DIFFERENCES, MUSIC, DANCE and all kinds of BEAUTY in LIFE. Something of MAGICAL in this country has died but, damn it if I accept this death. I WILL NOT. I WILL NOT. I WILL NOT. The responsability to go AGAINST the TIDES is higer than ever: My ow book, my shows, my workshops, my LIFE...all must reflect that EGYPTIAN SOUL that is also the most precious pearl of my own soul. May darkness&ignorance come from all sides and corners, I am READY for the Good Battle! 

And a NOTE from my hero, Mahatma Ghandi: 

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