Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where did I see THIS?!

 A faithful portrait of the "ARTS *(???) business" in Egypt. In the cinema and dance circuit, for sure.
How many times did I meet one of these "bashas"?! How many times did I hear the phrase "I will make you famous" *( open your legs in my direction, of course).
Damn, this is so TRUE and HILARIOUS.

This video can also be applied to the way Egyptian Revolution is shamelessly stolen by the old military dogs *(the ones who are STILL ruling this country) and the Muslim Brotherhood puppets. "El horreya" ("the freedom") fight is lost. The "Bravehearts" who fought for the dream of a DEMOCRATIC, FREE, FAIR country are dead and stepped upon by the arrogant assholes (excuse my french yet again) who are laughing at their sacrifice. 

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